Cuppa tea?
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Cuppa tea?, a photo by pollymal on Flickr.

Just having a nice cuppa.

My tattoo should say what?
I did finally. Very plain.
I though... plain glass, resting on slip of paper. Note - message or name written as the Dancing Men. Bee on glass.
Report · 10:03am
Ohhhhh I likes
Message though...saying...
Report · 10:04am
What should be on the note then?
Report · 10:04am
I'm thinking
Report · 10:04am
"John. Get some milk. Sherlock."
Report · 10:04am
Ths tattoo hurt like a mother fucker
Report · 10:05am
"Sherlock. Fuck you, you ate all the jam. You Jampire. John."
Yup that'd work
Report · 10:05am
Watson you may not be an invalid any longer but you may be a lunatic
How about just -HOLMES-
Report · 10:06am
Long message....
"Come immediately if convenient. If inconvenient, come anyway."
Well, there's time!
"Watson. I need you. Holmes." The slash versin...
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just sec Shaughny hurt
Report · 10:12am
Whee, isn't this fun? I mean, doesn't have to be dancing men, could be a bit from book, or telegram, or note in his spidery writing. You did say the glass should almost be top view, yes?
Yup, I'll bugger off a bit
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I'm back. I like the idea of the dancing men actually
How about, sorry to knock you up Watson\
Or isn't one of the messages in the The Dancing Men just "COME."
Just a stubbed toe btw
Report · 10:17am
Come Elsie> I dunno... Image search had the whole collection
Report · 10:18am
OH how about Elementary
Report · 10:19am
and a happy new year.
Elementary would be good, a bit longer. I'll see
Report · 10:21am
Or just Holmes even. This page I've found they already have that translated
Report · 10:21am
Oh good, link me
Report · 10:22am
works for me. You?
Report · 10:22am
Report · 10:23am
Can add visual interest with ragged edge of torn paper.
Report · 10:23am
If I wasn't such I wimp I would get Sherlock, Fuck you , you ate all the jam you jampire
But...that would hurt. Alot
Report · 10:25am
Plus it's be there forever, and Holmseians would be all O_o
Report · 10:26am
Yes. And since it would be in code EVERY ONE would keep asking what it meant. And I'd have to TELL them
Report · 10:26am
and it'd be forever
and everyone woulkd be all, "Yeah...OKAY then."
Report · 10:27am
Hello Prince William, lovely to meet you. My leg? Oh it says Fuck you Sherlock you ate all the jam, you jampire...
Report · 10:28am
LOL omigod... but yes and NO no... Okay, so just save the cionversation again!
and then we will remember the stupid jokes.
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Fine but am posting it on Pollymal

Squeeing over bees!
Right so maybe thats an odd thing. But I do actually love bees. They really are interesting little guys (and gals). So anyway I volunteer at a village museum, one of those living history dealies.  About a year ago they got a beehive. Right away I said, "I want in!"

Cut to tonight. Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.  Here's me finding out not only the village beekeepers are there but they ARE beekeepers. Hives on their property, the whole nine yards.

Cut to me stalking them.

I have met the beekeepers and am mad for them. They have not only invited me to help with the village bees (who are behaving oddly by the way) but have invited me out to their home.  They said they have a spare suit and will teach me how to look after the bees, take the hives apart, harvest the honey, and ONG I am so freaking out with happy happy joy joy here.

And I am soooooooo overly determined to get my bee tattoo now. (Bee on a magnifying glass what else?)

Silence Please.
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Post #1
In order to keep track of various insanities...mostly Holmesian in nature I have my loverly new Holmesinsanity journal. Because really I have no idea where to post the random odd fic I come up with.


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